Case Study
The goal was to have a short video, explaining the main features of the app and how it would benefit the user. 
The app itself would serve as a platform for the hosts to create and manage their events and for the participants to easily navigate through the event and meet new people. ​​​​​​​
Character Development​​​​​​​
Character Library
To save time and achieve consistency, I created a character library by altering the same facial and body characteristics. 
As for the colors, I stuck to a minimal palette (using an already established brand color scheme)

The final Composite was done in After Effects and Premiere.
Storyboard and illustrations of each scene were made in Photoshop and illustrator
For convenience's sake, I rigged the most expressive 
character using Joysticks 'n Sliders
All the other characters and objects are "pseudo- rigged" for the needs of each scene.
​​​​​​​I used lots of still texture images as well as animated looping sequences. Download my free animated texture pack here.
Shadows/ highlights were made in After Effects using the build-in effects and tools.
Thank you for watching!
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  "We are a start-up company bringing an All-in-One solution app for festivals and clubs. Manage your content, reach more attendees to generate even more revenue, and connect your visitors. We enhance your crowd experience and strengthen your relationship with your participants"

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